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La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nacido en la ciudad de La Plata, pcia. de Bs. As., en 1986. Fue y sera un hombre destinado a vivir una eternidad alejado de los empleos administrativos y contables, por ende tomó la difícil decisión de comenzar una carrera como artista (conocida comúnmente como la carrera “y?, se vive de eso?”) a los 19 años de edad, en el 2005 junto a Walter Gomez y Daniel Griffo, prácticamente vio nacer y crecer a lo que hoy es llamado Blason Studio. Se encuentra trabajando junto al famoso artista Ruben Meriggi, realizando el color de las series “Uzan el Inconquistable” y “Darkstorm el Inconquistable” para Drakstorm Studios de Los Angeles, USA. También, desde el 2009 hasta la actualidad, es uno de los ilustradores del juego de Cartas Moonga, desarrollado por EverDreams en Suiza. Actualmente se encuentra dedicado plenamente a la ilustracion y color digital, trabajando para distintas editoriales, artistas, empresas y particulares de Argentina y el Mundo.

ENTREVISTA Moonga. Focus Illustrator

Entrevista. Nahuel Ventura

Illustrator Focus n°6: Nahuel Ventura + 1 special card to win at the end of the article…

Our 6th Illlustrator Focus will be on Nahuel Ventura, a brilliant Argentinian illustrator, who, in his youth, was seeking to prepare a career in economics until the day he chose to do a 180-degree turn to focus on his passion, drawing.
Member of the Moonga illustrator team since 2011, his contribution on expansions such as DursTor or Lymronia, as well as the creatures he imagined for these universes, have always been hugely appreciated by the players’ community.
Nahuel Ventura agreed to tell us a bit more about his background and his inspirations in this short interview that will give you a better idea of this very talented artist.
To read the interview in Spanish, just click here.
Where do you come from and what brought you to the job of illustrator?Well, I’m from Argentina, and what led me to dedicate myself to illustrations was something strange…My whole highschool was oriented towards economy, and so far I thought I was going to dedicate my life to numbers. But when it came to choosing a career, I woke up with this feeling, like, I wanted to get up every day to draw, not to do the accounts. That was how, from then on, my life was fully dedicated to illustration.
What is your background in terms of design/illustration studies? Did you go to a design/art school? If yes, which school was it?Actually, I owe my background to my curiosity, to self-taught study. I also obtained lots of experience from the people at “Blason Studio”, where at first, I went to learn and finally stayed there working.  I spent three years as well at the Fine Arts University from La Plata, where I mostly learned from my classmates.
How would you define your style? What are your influences and inspirations?My style? That’s a tough one. I would say “dirty”, because of the brushes I like to use. I’ve had many influences. To begin with, I love Ciruelo Cabral, an Argentinian artist, and Luis Rollo as well.  They both have really opened my mind.
Who are your favourite illustrators?Of course, the ones who influence me mostly, Ciruelo and Rollo, but I also admire artists such as Kekai Kotaki, Bobby Chiu, Peter Mohrbacher (One-Box), Velinov, among all the other artists I follow on DeviantArt. 
What graphic design/editing software do you use?A hundred percent Photoshop, I feel really comfortable with it 
If you could choose what kind of character/animal/object to design for Moonga next, what would it be? And how would it be?I guess I’d love to have the opportunity to design some kind of dragons or any similar creature. 
If you had to show only one illustration that you’ve made, which one would it be (not only in Moonga)?One illustration I’ve done? Well, I guess the one I feel more “attracted” to is the one I named “Dragon Spirit”. And for Moonga, I would say “Illusion of Chimera”.
 © Nahuel Ventura

We thank Nahuel Ventura for the time he took to answer our questions and most of all for his amazing work!
To see his artwork, just visit his Deviant Art page. 

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